About Us


For us this isn't work, it's a labour of love.


Growing up together in south London, Khamisi & Daniel have always had a passion for chicken wings!

In December 2017 the pair opened their first permanent location at Peckham Levels. In the years leading up to that Khamisi & Daniel spent countless days and nights
in-between each others kitchen’s trying to perfect
their recipes.

In 2015 they finally set up Drums & Flats and transformed their passion for chicken wings into not just a business, but a real labour of love.

No frills, no pretence just us and our commitment to producing the best flavoured wings around. 




"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy chicken wings and that's kind of the same thing."

- Drums & Flats




Chicken wings always taste better when they come with a smile… and some chipotle sauce on the side!

We pride ourselves on making sure our service and your experience is just as good as the food.

Whether it’s at our spot at Peckham Levels, a festival, brand event, pop-up spot, food market or private function, the Drums & Flats team are ready to help make your event everything it needs to be!